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Friday, June 12, 2009

Hey Dallas Mamas!

We've started a new venture, Sip-n-Swap. You don't want to miss out on this super fun clothing swap! For more details, visit

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

TexasTwistedLinen: Baby Safe & Adorable

How adorable are these little babies? We recently found TexasTwistedLinen and immediately fell in love with all the babies in the nursery!

All babies in the nursery are 'real baby' safe and are machine washable {gotta love that!}. Each baby in the nursery is uniquely designed and handmade with love.

Visit TexasTwistedLinen and see for yourself some of the adorably irresistible babies in the nursery - adopt one today and give it to your own special baby.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring into action for Earth Day 2009!

The Weather Channel Kids is hosting a really neat contest for Earth Day 2009 where classrooms and families get involved to create a plan for environmental conservation.

The "Care-and-Share" contest details can be found by clicking on the following link:

Grand prizes are: $250, Ben and Jerry's ice cream party and a visit by a life-sized character from the Idbids eco-friendly line of toys.

Contest is open from now until April 20th - so get to thinking about how you can help the Earth this Earth Day!

Please note that The Trendy Mommy is not hosting the contest, The Weather Channel Kids is - please do not leave any comments here about entering the contest - you must visit to enter.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring Break --- Summer Camp - try Camp Jam!

Camp Jam Rock N Roll summer camp is bringing its "Spring Tour" back to Dallas/Ft. Worth this March, and this year they are getting moms more involved!

In addition to the annual Rock Solo Contest and Open Jam Session for young musicians, they are hosting a "My Mom Rocks" live band karaoke contest where moms will be battling it out on stage with a real live band backing them (instead of a karaoke machine) and will get a chance to win their son or daughter a free week to Camp Jam summer camp and $100 spa gift certificate.

It's part of a 16-city country-wide tour, which is coming to the Dallas area on March 7 with 2 events and locations. Moms can choose one of the following songs including Hit Me With Your Best Shot, I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll, Satisfaction and Sweet Child O’Mine on where they can practice before getting a shot to win.

Sign ups begin this week and walk-ups are welcome too. Should be a really fun event for the family - and did I mention FREE? It's hard to find free family events these days!

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Attention Bargain Hunters

Recently we stumbled apon this awesome concept - Mama Bargains.

If you haven't heard of it HAVE to go check it out. It's addicting! They search high and low for the most sought after trendy mommy and baby items and bring them to you at 50-80% off retail. That's some seriuos savings!

They only sell one item at a time on their site - and once it's gone - it's gone and another item replaces it on their site. Seriously, check it out! As I type this blog post they have a Grobag on there...but they're almost all gone - so who knows what great product is just around the corner :)

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Introducing: Make your own Monster!

Let your kids imagination soar with the Made-to-order-Monster application at CurlyQ Cuties. Let them select the shape and color of their little friend and select from various other options to create their perfect little monster pal. Your child's monster will be shipped to your home within 3 weeks. Monsters are baby-safe and washable -- big plus for those features!

Go check them out - and let your little monster make a monster of their very own at CurlyQ Cuties.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Stumbled upon these super fun shoes for baby today. Frosting Couture is a fabulous designer, often adding new items to their boutique each day.

Seriously - love these shoes for $18.50. WOW.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Made with Love

Lovin' this super adorable onesie - available at Uncommon Goods. 100% organic. Would make some adorable Valentine's Day pictures ;) Comes in vanilla and chocolate ;) LOVE IT!

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Giveaway: Get Ready for Baby!

We've got some goodies to give away to a new mommy or mommy-to-be!

Thanks to Kushies for the following items which The Trendy Mommy is passing along to one lucky reader!

Giveaway Details: Leave a comment telling us when you're due, if you're having a boy/girl/surprise, and your favorite 5 baby names! That's it - simple, huh? Giveaway ends at midnight on January 22nd.

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Are you a Trendy Mommy?

We're looking for a few Trendy Mommies to join our team!

The Trendy Mommy is growing - we'll soon have more weekend guides. Contact us if you're interested in writing the weekend guide for any of the below cities:

San Fran
Charlotte, NC

Don't forget to check out the weekend guides for NYC Metro, Dallas, Austin, Chicago, and San Diego if you're in those cities!

We're sad to see a cool online boutique go out of business. We featured The Urban Thimble a few months back - they have some super cool items --- well, they are going out of business. So check their site for some super good buys!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fill in the Blankie!

Introducing Fill in the Blankie - ultra hip personalized baby blankies that truly say alot about you!

Fill in the Blankie is a Dallas based company offering top-quality baby blankets with an extra element of 'special'. Imagine taking one of these super chic baby blankets to a shower embroidered with "Twinkle, twinkle little star" on it or the baby's name. These fabulous blankies make wonderful shower and welcome baby gifts. We received a sample and can vouch for the quality and craftmanship in these blankies....and can also say that these blankets can actually be used by baby....while they are definitely gorgeous - they're durable and super soft!

Fill In The Blankie is the only place online that offers full personalization of up to 200 characters (not just a monogram) per blankie and that is included in the price.
Fill in the Blankie has 32 different blankie styles to choose from, 27 different fonts and 12 thread colors to choose from. With all these options you're sure to create the combination that is perfect for any gift! And with so many options it's easy to find a blankie in everyone's price range.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Giveaway: Pot-Tee Prize Potty Training System

Who ever said Potty Training was easy? Please let me talk to that person - because I can tell you from my own personal experience --- it is not! I am currently in the process of potty training my two year old daughter. It's hard - something I was not anticipating. I mean my daughter is smart and doesn't like to be wet or dirty - she tells us when she is going and lays down easily for diaper changes --- so I seriously did not anticipate World War III breaking out in our house over potty training...well, I've tried everything - friends have said, "use M&Ms", "just tell her this is how it's going to be and sit her on the potty", "encourage her - tell her she's a big girl", "don't use pull-ups - go straight for undies", "use a little potty chair" -- and the list goes on. And I can say that none of it - absolutely NONE of their advice has helped me...any. My daughter shows no interest in going on the potty. She knows how - b/c occassionally she will do it...but definitely not regularily.

GIVEAWAY DETAILS: So when Pot-Tee Prize contacted The Trendy Mommy a few weeks ago - offering to give away one of their Pot-Tee Prize systems to one of our readers - I said YES! definitely! Please help out some other mom that is going through what I'm currently experiencing. So guess what ladies --- one of you will be getting your very own Pot-Tee Prize System. Just leave us a comment telling us why you deserve to win! Contest ends January 21st at midnight.

The Original Pot-Tee Prize Grab Bag gives you all the tools you’ll need to easily and effectively potty train your child in one convenient, cheerful package. Naturally, this critical step in your child’s early development can be stressful and time consuming. This system adds structure to the potty training process creating a positive and memorable experience for you and your little squirt. The Pot-Tee Prize System includes:
  • Whimsical Sticker Chart
  • GuideFilled with proven facts to help ease you and your child through the transition
  • Diploma
  • Pot-Tee Prizes

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Giveaway: Chic by Loren

We're back! We hope that you had a blessed holiday and wish you all the best in 2009! The editors at The Trendy Mommy so enjoyed being off for a few weeks and hanging out with friends and family but I can speak for all of us when I say that we missed all of you, our fabulous readers. We also missed writing our daily features and weekend guides. So here's to 2009 and all the great finds The Trendy Mommy will bring to you in the coming year! And what better way to start off the new year than with a super Trendy GIVEAWAY!

Chic by Loren is a boutique shop offering some of the trendiest little hats we've seen. Perfect for these chilly winter months and so incredibly chic! We absolutely LOVE these hats. You'll just have to take a peek at their site to see them all....and yes, they have hats for boys too! Gotta love that! Check out the 'My Red Ride' hat - so fun! Lorena Carver is the trendy gal behind it all - she has such a wonderful eye for detail as well as color. And the best part is you too can have the trendiest little girl or boy on the block for as little as $24. Most of her hats retail for $24 --- but if you search long enough you can find a few for $15 and some for $20 ---- how cool is that??

GIVEAWAY DETAILS: Lorena has been generous enough to offer all our readers a chance to win one of her signature hats! So head over to her site - check it out - leave us a comment telling us which hat is your favorite and you'll be entered to win one! Giveaway ends Tuesday, January 20th at midnight! GOOD LUCK!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Relish! Winners Announced



Winners of the Relish! 12 Month Subscription are:

Amanda: "I really like this concept. It would sure help a working mom :-) After our Christmas shopping adventure last night we grabbed Wendy's on the way home. It would have been nice to have one of the crock pot recipes from Relish done when we got home. "

Kimberly: WOW... how cool is this! I have never heard of this site before. Thanks for the information. I love some of the meals on the sample menu like Chicken Pizza and Slow Cooker Tuscan Pot Roast. YUMMM!!!!!Last night we went out to the local diner for dinner. I always cook (although boring meals - same ones week after week). The only reason why we did is because I got paid for a job I did (FINALLY!) and I have some pocket (FINALLY) and I wanted to treat my family out to eat. Thanks for a neat giveaway!"

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Berkley's Clippies

How adorable is this clip? We received some super trendy clippies in the mail this week from Berkley's Clippies. And we must say that we absolutely LOVE them!

Berkley's Clippies mixes just the right amount of whimsy, fun and sweetness in all their designs. Plus we love that they are so well made and how the colors pop on these adorably chic clips. The clip featured above is the Stella Clip and is on sale right now ;)

So go check them out and order some for your adorable little girl.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

pediped Sale & Support a Good Cause

pediped is doing something really cool this holiday season ---- they are having a major sale with their adorably chic shoes being more than 25% off.

In addition to that they are going to give 50% of the total sales during this super sale to The Make-a-Wish Foundation. HOW COOL IS THAT??

So if you're in need of some new shoes --- and who isn't w/ the way kids feet seem to grow every time you turn The Make-a-Wish Foundation with your purchase {at a discount} of some great pedipeds! Sale and Support of Make-a-Wish starts tomorrow and runs December 17th - 31st. Support a good cause & get a great deal, visit tomorrow!

Here is the list of styles that will be on sale and eligible for the Make-a-Wish Foundation donation.
RS810 - Andy - $31
RS590 - Demetri - $34
RS640 - Ryan - $27
RS680 - Dylan - $39
RS364 - Chloe - $31
RS396 - Riley - $27
RS420 - Natasha - bw houdstooth - $27
RS650 - Tiffany - $27
RS600 - Emily - $27
217 - Liam - khaki/olive - $22
275 - Charlie - white/navy - $22
700 - Logan - $22
320 - Nathan - $22
561 - Janine - brown - $22
760 - Lexi - brown - $22
390 - Lexi - pink - $22
430 - Jane - $22
400 - Victoria - $22
342 - Faith - black - $22
313 - Abigail - mauve - $22
750 - Brooke - $22
420 - Natasha - bw houndstooth - $22

The sale begins on the 17th and runs till the 31st.
The shoes will be more than 25% off, and 50% of total sales will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Giveaway: Architect in the Making?

Recently we ran across a designer whose signature piece is this adorable architectural inspired onesie. We absolutely love the archi series at mishu:bubi.

The 'my crib' onesie would make a perfect gift for an expectant mom or new baby. Mishu:bubi even packages the 'my crib' onesie in a 12" kraft tube to mimic the typical way blue prints/construction documents are carried or'll have to visit their website to see just how cute this really is!

We also love the animus series - so check that out while you're browsing around! The animus series onesies come in both short and long sleeves...and are packaged ready to give as gifts...Gotta love that!

Giveaway! We're giving away one of the fabulous 'my crib' onesies! To enter visit mishu:bubi and tell us your favorite product - that's it...simple...contest ends Monday December 29th at midnight.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bugaboo Friends

Recently we were asked to check out the new Bugaboo Friends site. I know all you trendy mommies are familar with the super fun and functional Bugaboo strollers and other products which are great for moms on the go. Well, now you can share your life experiences with other Bugaboo moms and dads and even those who don't personally own a Bugaboo - but love the look and design of them.

Bugaboo Friends launched in beta version last month - so be one of the first to get in on this great online community. Bugaboo Friends is a community of active, modern people who share pictures, ideas, stories, videos, tips and inspiration with one another. This is definitely the site for the busy mom-on-the-go who doesn't let life pass her by! It's really easy to join and you don't even need to own a Bugaboo to participate. You can upload pictures, find other moms with great stories. You can become a featured Friend, and even take on a Bugaboo Challenge to win some great prizes! This month's challenge is to photograph your city - and capture what makes your city - your city! Check it out for yourself and remember you don’t have to own a Bugaboo to join! Visit online at and click the 'friends' button at the top of the page.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

Adorable Holiday Clips

Recently a reader asked us if we knew of any retailers that had trendy holiday hair clips.

Of course we do :) Check out A Babe is Born - lovin this clip! ADORABLE! They have lots more so take a peek and order them quick if you need them in time for your Christmas festivities!

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Relish! Menu Planner & Giveaways!

Relish is a weekly menu planner aimed to help busy families put easy meals (with a gourmet twist) on the table every night. There is no fuss here. It’s an easy step by step process that you can do every weekend to prepare for a trip to the grocery store. You choose the entree and dessert meals that sound appealing and presto- your grocery list and menus are ready for you to rock and roll (and available to print out as a pdf to make life extra simple, too)! The ingredients needed for all recipes are separated into categories making it easy for you to move around the grocery store without forgetting something, which we all always do! The breakdown of ingredients uniquely identifies “what you may need but already have” which eliminates the possibility of buying double of something you already have in the pantry or refrigerator.

As a trendy new mommy, hoping to fit back into my “trendy jeans” one of these days, it is important to watch the fat and calorie intake during the day. With relish, every meal has the nutritional facts posted below the menu. The recipes provided by Relish! keep health conscious moms right on track, utilizing fresh, healthy ingredients. My first weeks’ menus ranged from 200 to 415 delicious calories. It can be said that my time using Relish! meals was full of flavorful meals that even my picky-eater husband enjoyed.

It is a beautiful thing to be able to have HEALTHY meals planned each week for my family without worrying about searching through cook books and forgetting essential ingredients. For $7 dollars a month, this weekly menu planner plus monthly freezer menus and more is great to settle any hungry household.

I feel like a GOOD mom and wife now that I am using Relish! Forget boring grilled chicken with canned peas, this menu planner brings “spice and simplicity” back to the kitchen.

**To recognize Relish! as a favorite of Trendy Mommy, we are having a GIVEAWAY!

Two Trendy Mommy readers will receive a 12 month subscription to Relish! with silcone cooking tongs from Crate & Barrel, too! In order to enter, you need to visit, check out the demos, and sample the menus. Then, leave a comment here about what you had for dinner last night and why this would be a great tool for you! Contest ends December 22nd at midnight - winner will be announced on

So, rejuvenate your Trendy Kitchen and check out the Relish! website for more information.

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