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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Relish! Winners Announced



Winners of the Relish! 12 Month Subscription are:

Amanda: "I really like this concept. It would sure help a working mom :-) After our Christmas shopping adventure last night we grabbed Wendy's on the way home. It would have been nice to have one of the crock pot recipes from Relish done when we got home. "

Kimberly: WOW... how cool is this! I have never heard of this site before. Thanks for the information. I love some of the meals on the sample menu like Chicken Pizza and Slow Cooker Tuscan Pot Roast. YUMMM!!!!!Last night we went out to the local diner for dinner. I always cook (although boring meals - same ones week after week). The only reason why we did is because I got paid for a job I did (FINALLY!) and I have some pocket (FINALLY) and I wanted to treat my family out to eat. Thanks for a neat giveaway!"

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