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Friday, January 26, 2007


It's hard being a mommy. Sometimes I feel like my official title should be bag lady. It seems that no matter where we go I get to carry at least 3 bags (not including any of the items that I want to bring like lipstick, sunglasses, wallet, etc.). We've scoured high and low to find a small bag that allows you to tuck the items you want to take along into your diaper bag or whatever other bag you might be carrying. Pouchees can be found at,, and cost $21.99.

The makers of the Pouchee say the following about their product:

Baby Bag! If you are a mother, carrying a baby and diaper bag is hard enough. Throw your pouchee® in with the diapers and leave the purse at home.
Beach Bag! If you are headed for the beach, just drop your pouchee® in your beachbag and catch some rays.
Gym Bag! If you work out at the gym, your pouchee® can go from your purse to your gym bag and you're on your way.
Briefcase! If you are an active business woman, never again try to juggle your briefcase and a purse.
Backpack! If you are a student, drop your pouchee® in your backpack and you're ready for class. Watch those A's appear on your next report card.
Carry-On! If you are rushing to the airport, just tuck your pouchee® in your carry-on, relax and enjoy the flight.

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