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Sunday, September 16, 2007

A tag for you, a tag for baby

Do you have one of those borning black diaper bags - you know the kind, free at the hospital? I have a really pretty diaper bag that I'm terrified to give to the church nursery when I drop my little sugarcakes off on Sunday. I know the nursery workers are very nice and competent people...heck I leave my child with them each week, so I must trust them. But for some reason I just can't leave my 'pretty' bag with them...weird I know. The fear of the nursery workers messing up my bag or somehow losing it prevails every week and so each Sunday morning I dump all the contents from my 'pretty' bag into the free black bag we received at the hospital when I had sugarcakes. The free black bag is just ok, it is made out of some kind of fake waterproof cloth and definitely has no recently I've been searching for something to spice it up with. I also need a tag for it - so that the nursery workers can easily identify that my free black bag is mine, although I must admit that I wouldn't care too too much if the bag somehow got lost in nursery land - nonetheless, I have been looking for a cool tag to somehow improve the look of the bag (even if in a minor way). So here it is....a delightful bag tag. Love the prints of these tags...the maker of these has lots of styles and sizes to choose from...and although I think they are just made out of plain paper cardstock - I still think they are cool enough and cheap enough to splurge on. At $2.85 for 10 tags - I say why not?? I might even go as far as to laminate the thing after I write sugarcakes on it. Plus the remaining 9 can always be used for gift tags...

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