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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Table Toppers

With cold and flu season quickly approaching we thought we'd help a mommy out with some simple tips to help reduce baby's contact w/ germs.

We recommend the Sesame Street Table Toppers because 1) they keep your kids hands off the table that you can't be sure was disinfected from the last family that ate at the restaurant you're eating at...and 2) they can keep little munchkin occupied while you are able to quickly peruse the menu and decide on your meal for the evening. Just remember to ask every once in a while, "Where's the ball?" "Where's Elmo?" "Where's Cookie Monster?" "Point to the green" and so on. Lots of stores carry these oh so fun little stick on mats - we did a quick search and found them on - 50 for $18.99.

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