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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Close to your Heart

So how many times have you run into an old friend unexpectedly at the store or whatever...and when asked if you have any photos of your little darling with you - you think to yourself, "Man! why did I clear out the "clutter" in my purse yesterday?" and have to admit to your long lost friend that you're a "horrible mom" and don't have any on you...

Well - we've found a nifty solution for you...wear your sweetie around your neck and close to your heart. Check out the cool necklaces made by Kathy Lo Rocks. Our absolute favorite is the Medium Photo Necklace @ $68. What's even cooler is that she makes her necklaces reversible. You can either send in two photos of baby cakes or pick a pattern for the 'back' of your necklace from her super cool pattern page. FUN FUN!

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