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Monday, March 17, 2008

Birth Announcements!

We absolutely LOVE these door hangers! Cara over at Oh So Spoiled is so talented! She creates these one-of-a-kind door hangers that include all the important stats of your little one's entrance into the amazing world. You can even give her a picture of your nursery and she can create something that matches perfectly to your walls or bedding. We are definitely getting one of these for our next little one ~ whenever that may be!


Rachel said...


I found you through Cara at Oh So Spoiled... what an awesome website you have going here!! I am bookmarking you so I can come browse all this great stuff after my kids go to bed tonight! Trouble....

basudev said...

When I design custom invitations, I offer to design custom postage for my clients to complete the look of their invitation package. The party starts when the guests open their invitations, so setting the tone of the party with the invitation is important. But even before the envelope is opened, the first impression the guest has of the invitation is what’s on the outside.