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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Chores Got Your Little One in the Dumps?

Why not make tracking chores more fun with this chore tracker created by the fun people over at My Reward Board.

So how does it work? From the My Reward Site:

The My Reward Board program emphasizes a positive approach for encouraging kids to complete their chores, achieve their goals, improve their behavior, and save their money.

New chores and goals can be added at any time, and kids mark off their own work using a cast of
engaging happy face characters. Parents can configure the program to conform to their own parenting style, controlling how frequently rewards are earned and which rewards are available. Achievement certificates - suitable for framing, or at least hanging on the refrigerator - are printed at the end of each week, and an animated piggy bank squeals in delight when allowance is earned or a savings goal has been met.

And here's our favorite part - you can get a free 15 day trial to see how it all works and if your kids are into it or not.

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