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Monday, June 23, 2008

Need a Sitter - try a mommy mixer!

Ever heard of a Mommy Mixer before? Nope, it's not something used for's the hipest new way to meet a qualified sitter for your kids.

What a fabulous idea the ladies over at Mommy Mixer had when they came up with the idea to introduce sitters and mommies in a fun setting like a hip boutique. Mommy Mixers are held in various cities across the U.S. -- check here to see when the next mixer will be in your city!

Mommy Mixers give moms and babysitters a chance to scope each other out in a a fun and laid back atmosphere. Each mixer is structured so that all the sitters and all the moms quickly introduce themselves to the group and tell what their needs/schedules are --- and then they are free to mix and mingle.

What a great idea!

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