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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Get a Good Night of Rest

You know the nights when no one gets any sleep, the ones where Little Miss Cranky Pants just can't seem to settle into a good sleep pattern and the entire family suffers for it. Well, SoundScience has come up with a way to combat those nights with their SoundSleep for Babies CD.

Using a breakthrough technology called The WombEffect™, which is an audio reproduction of the womb sound environment, they have created a CD that you can play to calm and soothe baby to sleep.

The CD is extremely relaxing and what we'd imagine the womb to be like ;) We tested the CD out on one of our friend's not-so-easy-to-sleep-baby and sure enough, pushed play on the CD player and within 2 minutes the baby had calmed down and was drifting to sleep.

So if you fall into the sleep deprived mommy category (which who of us doesn't!) give it a shot - try out the SoundSleep for Babies CD. Visit and place your order you can save 15% by entering 'ab15ttm' at checkout.

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