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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Planning Your Next Summer Vacation?

Not sure what to do this year for the summertime family vacation? Check out this book, "500 Places To Take Your Kids Before They Grow Up", by Holly Hughes. It's a nifty little book that as the title states has 500 neat places that appeal to kidos and those young at heart. Each of the 500 entries (places) has age ratings, nearby kid-friendly and fun hotels, as well as service details about the place. The book is even equipped with two indexes to make planning your next trip a snap - a geographical index (could be useful if you're vising Great Aunt Louise in Montana but want to make the trip up there fun for the kids) as well as a specialty index (good for types of trip - like amusement park or camping or museum or beach or mountain). The book retails for $19.99 on --- but you can get it for $12.77 at Wal-mart.

1 comment:

Pink Dawn said...

I have got to get this book! Thanks for finding it!