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Monday, July 28, 2008

Is My Kid Ready for Kindergarten?

Information provided by the U.S. Dept of Education

Teachers were asked to complete a survey ranking the most important qualities a child needs to possess to make entry into Kindergarten a success.

The top three qualities public school kindergarten teachers consider essential for school readiness are that a child be:

1) physically healthy, rested and well-nourished;

2) be able to communicate needs, wants, and thoughts verbally;

3) and be enthusiastic and curious in approaching new activities.

More than half the teachers also place significant importance on the ability to follow directions (60 percent), not being disruptive in class (60 percent), being sensitive to other children's feelings (58 percent) and the ability to take turns and share (56 percent).

Of less importance are knowing English (42 percent), the ability to sit still and pay attention (42 percent), and finishing tasks (40 percent).

Of least importance according to kindergarten teachers are good problem-solving skills (24 percent), the ability to identify primary colors and basic shapes (24 percent), the ability to use pencils and paint brushes (21 percent), knowledge of the alphabet ( 10 percent), and the ability to count to 20 (7 percent).

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