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Monday, July 14, 2008

Say Goodbye to JunkMail

We get so much junk mail at our house and it drives me absolutely insane. I used to like going to the mailbox - but the increase in the trash received on a daily basis has turned this once fun excercise into something I dread. The piles that I create all around the house - on the entry way table, on the kitchen counter, on the stairs - JUNK JUNK JUNK! So what can we do about all this unwanted trash we receive daily?

Check out GreenDimes - they promise to reduce your postal junk mail by up to 90%....and they have two ways to do it - they will give you the tools/tips and you can do it yourself for free - or they will do it all for you for $20. I'm seriously considering the $20 option- wouldn't it be nice to not have to deal with all that extra trash??

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I use Green Dimes. It took a few months but it cut down on my junkmail considerably! Well worth $20.