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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lock Up Those Meds!

Don't be caught later wishing you had done just that.

In 2006, unintentional poisoning caused about 703,702 emergency department (ED) visits (CDC 2008).
Almost 25% of these unintentional ED visits resulted in hospitalization or transfer to another facility (CDC 2008).
In 2006, poison control centers reported about two million unintentional poisoning or poison exposure cases (Bronstein et al. 2007).

Leaps and Bounds has this great little box that keeps your meds locked up and out of the hands of your kids. $16.95

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1 comment:

Stephanie Wiese said...

This is a must! While being an administrator of an early childhood center, I was horrified at how excited young children were to take medicine! They come in all yummy flavors, and forms - suckers, gum, gummy bears... Leaving these out in the open, even if its not "within child's reach" is still too much of a risk. Lock 'em up!