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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Combining Fun & Functionality at Mealtime

We are so excited about our next feature! Trebimbi has one super cute line of mealtime essentials. How fun are these cupes, plates, and silverware sets? Seriously your child will enjoy mealtime when he/she gets to use one of the several amazing products in the Trebimbi product line.

Each item in the line is made wonderfully bright and colorful. The smiley cups and cutlery make even the grumpiest of littlest eaters smile.

New for 2008 is the Trebimbi Party Set - which includes a brightly colored kidney shaped bowl, smiley cup & cheery cutlery. {pictured above in pink} Yes, even the knives have smiles etched on them! How fun is that?? And did you notice that the cutlery snaps into place on the cups/plates/other pieces of cutlery? Talk about fun and functional! The Trendy Mommy absolutely LOVES these and we know you will too!

So where can you find these awesome little sets? Visit Nini and Loli to find the best selection. They are offering readers of TM a 10% discount on any Trebimbi order - enter code: tre10off @ checkout to take advantage of this awesome offer!

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Holly said...

They are absolutely adorable!

Christina said...

Too cute! how long is the code good till?