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Monday, September 1, 2008

Magnets go Vintage

Happy Labor Day! While you are all enjoying some family time on this great holiday - we thought we'd get in a quick feature of a great little company, Kiss My Style. They have some really great finds. We recently received one of these Vintage Red Magnet Sets - and love it! Refrigerators these days are full of kid drawings and invitations and if you're like my house even bills that need to be paid. I've got an assortment of kid-made magnets and some barnyard animals and the entire alphabet on my it was super nice to receive these wonderful beautiful magnets to display on the refrig. I cleared off the top corner of the freezer door above the ice/water dispenser and have these sitting up there all by themselves! Gives me a little reminder of who I am (or who I once was) Organized, Fun, & Funky. Check them out - these little magnets come all wrapped in a cute little tin - would make a great teacher gift or a fun little pick me-up to give to friends when they're having a rough time.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have other magnet sets from Meg at Kiss my Style, and I love how they look on my frig as well! I also gave a bunch to my step-kids for their lockers and they loved them!

Check out her site for even more fabulous and funky things! Her creativity and imagination is endless!

Amy Worman